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Images of the Holocaust

Melanie Reimann

After the end of World War I, there was a rise of nationalist sentiments in Germany. Furthered by the idea that the Treaty of Versailles was cruel and unfair toward the German people and nation, nationalism grew in Germany. Hitler and the German national-socialist party (Nazi Party) took advantage of the rise in nationalism throughout the years of the Weimar Republic. During those years, anti-Semitism also rose in Germany. Jews were blamed by many Germans for the defeat of German forces toward the end of World War I, and many Germans believed that the government of the Weimar Republic consisted mainly of Jews.

Hitler and his national-socialist party came to power in 1933 after winning increasingly large portions of the vote in previous elections. Hitler became the German Chancellor and was able to proclaim his party the only legal party in Germany, thus reducing the possibility of opposition. Already early on, Hitler used this new-won power to institute racism and ant…